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Why use a Refrigeration Mechanic

Written by A & P Refrigeration
Why use a Refrigeration Mechanic

Your fridge has stopped working, or your air-conditioner is blowing hot air. Who do you call? An Electrician or a refrigeration mechanic. Refrigerant is the gas that is used in the cooling process in both refrigerators and air conditioners. Any handling of this refrigerant gas requires a fully licensed refrigeration mechanic by law.

A refrigeration mechanic, also commonly known as a refrigeration technician, is a person who repairs, installs and troubleshoots refrigeration systems, either in commercial or residential settings. Refrigeration mechanics may work on ice machines, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) units, beverage equipment and refrigerated storage units to serve a customer in need.

According to the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC), any person who handles a refrigerant for any work in refrigeration or air conditioning must hold a “RAC01 - Refrigerant handling licence” at minimum. Refrigeration mechanics are no exception to this, especially small business refrigeration mechanics who are not acting under the tutelage as an apprentice mechanic under a superior. If you have used, or are considering to use the services of someone who does not hold this licence (or other licences identified on ARC’s website) this is a red-flag – do not use their services!

Fortunately, we hold not only the relevant refrigeration handling licence to be a refrigeration mechanic, but a plethora of other qualifications to indicate the diversity of our skills, to illustrate that we can act for your needs. For example, we are fully licenced to work in child care centres and schools due to our Blue Card (Child Care Policy) licencing, and we are licenced by the Building Services Authority (BSA) a BSA Contractors licence, which is required for any contractor performing building work over $3000.

Some of our licencing is by no means necessary for the basic work on refrigeration or airconditioner repairs, but you never know when they have their place to play in your situation. Get a refrigeration mechanic who can do more.