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How to Keep Your Domestic Air Conditioners in Top Condition

Written by A & P Refrigeration

Is your domestic air-conditioning unit bothering you? Is your energy bill on the rise? Do you need tips for summer and winter maintenance for air conditioning? Then you simply need to call A&P Refrigeration and Air Conditioning to avail our repair services.


So, what are some tips to ensure your air conditioning unit is working at its best? You should probably do the following regularly:

  • Clean the filters: You can do so using a vacuum cleaner or simply wash the filter with warm water and mild detergent. This is integral to keep the air flowing smoothly and freely through the unit, ensuring your unit does not use too much electricity.
  • Keep the outdoor unit clean: Debris or dust can also build up on the fins of the outdoor unit. This restricts the airflow and leads to higher energy usage, as the compressor works harder, ultimately, increasing the running costs.
  • Don’t set the temperature too low: Selecting the coldest temperature might seem tempting but it does not cool the house faster, rather it puts pressure on the system.
  • Clean the cooling fan: Regularly cleaning the cooling fan (or heat exchanger) is also a means of ensuring energy consumption is kept to a minimum.
  • Clean your drain line: There is a drain close to the indoor cooling coil. It is important to make sure it remains clean, saving you from leakage.
  • Keep your curtains and blinds closed: If the sun directly hits your house, keeping your blinds and curtains closed can ensure your house does not get too warm.
  • Make sure your room is properly closed: Warm air should not be allowed in a room from the outside when the air conditioner is working. So make sure that the doors and windows are properly closed. This ensures your air conditioner does not work excessively.
  • Add extra insulation: If it is winter and you need to stop using your air conditioner, it’s best to keep it insulated. The insulation will keep wires and pipes from freezing.
  • Get the air conditioner professionally serviced: You should periodically get a licensed technician to look at your air conditioning unit. Getting your air conditioning unit serviced ensures that it runs smoothly.

Maintaining your air conditioner can lead to lower power bills, cleaner and cooler air, and lower long-term maintenance costs.

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