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Disposal of Refrigeration Equipment

Written by A & P Refrigeration

New Refrigerant License Required

Do you have a fridge freezer or air-conditioner that you want to get rid of? Are you aware of the regulations decommissioning refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

Amendments to the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations 1995

These amendments have led to the requirement of a new license for the recovering of refrigerant from decommissioned refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

The new RRL - Restricted Refrigerant Recoverer License - will require training in recovery of fluorocarbon refrigerant from refrigeration equipment such as Household refrigerators and freezers, Household window and split system, air conditioners and vehicle air conditioning systems.

At A & P Refrigeration and Air Conditioning we are fully licensed to decommission your refrigeration equipment and air conditioning equipment. Not sure what is required in the disposal of these items, call us at A & P refrigeration and Air Conditioning to discuss all your needs.