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As we are qualified and experienced for local Brisbane Ducted Air Conditioning Services, A&P Refrigeration and Air Conditioning are here to help with any ducted air conditioning issue such as:

Ducted Air Conditioning Service Brisbane:

Experience unmatched expertise and reliable service with our Ducted Air Conditioning Service in Brisbane. At A&P Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on being your trusted partner for maintaining optimal performance in your ducted air conditioning systems. Our qualified technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of various systems, ensuring that your air conditioning operates efficiently, providing consistent and comfortable airflow throughout your space. From routine check-ups to thorough inspections, we prioritise the longevity and effectiveness of your ducted air conditioning system, delivering a service tailored to the unique needs of Brisbane's climate.

Ducted Air Conditioning Repairs Brisbane:

For prompt and effective Ducted Air Conditioning Repairs in Brisbane, rely on the expertise of A&P Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. We understand the inconvenience a malfunctioning system can cause, and our skilled technicians are dedicated to swiftly diagnosing and resolving any issues. Whether it's a minor glitch or a more complex problem, our team is equipped to handle repairs with precision, ensuring your ducted air conditioning system operates at its best. Trust us to restore comfort to your space efficiently and effectively, providing reliable solutions to keep your system running smoothly.

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation Services:

Discover seamless comfort with our Ducted Air Conditioning Installation Services in Brisbane. A&P Refrigeration and Air Conditioning offer tailored installation solutions that align with your specific requirements. Our experienced technicians are adept at installing a wide range of ducted air conditioning systems, from energy-efficient inverters to premium models. We prioritise precision and efficiency during the installation process, ensuring your new system integrates seamlessly into your space. Elevate your comfort with our expert installation services, backed by years of industry experience.

Maintenance of Ducted Air Conditioning in Brisbane:

Ensure the longevity and efficiency of your ducted air conditioning system in Brisbane with our dedicated Maintenance services. At A&P Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, we recognise the importance of regular upkeep to prevent potential issues and optimise performance. Our skilled technicians conduct thorough maintenance checks, addressing any wear and tear, cleaning components, and fine-tuning settings. By choosing our maintenance services, you invest in the reliability of your system, promoting energy efficiency and prolonging the life of your ducted air conditioning.

Emergency Ducted Air Conditioning Repairs in Brisbane:

When unexpected issues arise, rely on our Emergency Ducted Air Conditioning Repairs in Brisbane to restore comfort to your space promptly. A&P Refrigeration and Air Conditioning understand that malfunctions can occur at inconvenient times, impacting your comfort and productivity. Our dedicated team is available for emergency repairs, ensuring rapid response and efficient resolution of issues. Trust us to handle urgent repairs with professionalism, providing peace of mind during critical situations. We prioritise your comfort, offering reliable emergency services to address any ducted air conditioning issues swiftly and effectively.

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Ducted air conditioning systems have proven to become very wide spread within offices and homes alike. Specifically because of their even air distribution and easy central control. Whilst saying that there is an extremely large range of ducted air conditioning systems, ranging from Inverters to Digital Scroll and Premium systems. All of these vary from 7 to 27 kW cooling capacity.

Here at A&P Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, our expert opinion and workmanship will be able to provide you with all your maintenance and installation needs, whether that be at home or in the office.

Ducted Air Conditioning System and Split System Air Conditioning Combination

Some applications require a combination or ducted and split system air conditioning systems.  Split System Air Conditioning is an ideal solution for achieving personalised climate control in specific areas, especially in situations where a combination of ducted and split system air conditioning systems is necessary.










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Our focus is to give you quality service and peace of mind that your Air Conditioner and Refrigeration appliances are running smoothly because this is what you deserve.

We do this by always ensuring that the work we do is of high quality, that we are on time and we under promise and over deliver.

A family business with over 25 years experience in the Domestic Appliance, Domestic and Commercial Refrigeration and Domestic Air Conditioning industry means that we have the experiance and know how to assist you in your requirements.

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We are fully licensed in relation to all requirement for repairing, servicing and installing your refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

QBCC Licence

Issued by the Building Services Authority, the QBCC Contractors Licence is required for any contractor performing building work valued over $3 000.

Arctick Refrigerant Handling Licence RAC01

Issued by the Australian Refrigeration Council, any person who handles refrigerant or works on RAC equipment must hold a refrigerant handling licence. 

Refrigeration & Air conditioning Licence

Issued by the Australian Refrigeration Council, it is a requirement that contractors working with refrigerant have the relevant license.

Restricted Electrical Licence

A Restricted Electrical Licence is required to work on fixed wired equipment.


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