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Summer Air Conditioning

What's your Solution for your Summer Air Conditioning?

Your requirements will be individual and that's important to be aware of

Summer air conditioning needs to perform for you on several levels and wether a split system unit or a ducted system is right for you is best worked out before you buy and have it installed

Split system air conditioning units consist of two sections: one inside the home and one outside. Both are connected via refrigerant piping, and ensuring proper installation of the entire unit is essential for its smooth running

Similarly, ducted air conditioning systems have proven to become very wide spread within offices and homes alike. Specifically because of their even air distribution and easy central control. Whilst saying that, there is an extremely large range of ducted air conditioning systems from Inverters to Digital Scroll and Premium systems

When you have the installation done for you, make sure the installer can give you expert opinion and workmanship to provide you with all your maintenance and installation needs, whether that be at home or in the office for your summer air conditioning

Don't be caught out in the summer months without your summer air conditioner working to full capacity to you keep you cool

We are fully licensed in relation to all requirement for repairing, servicing and installing your refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, as well as being qualified in the following:

  • Restricted Electrical work license
  • Refrigerant Handling license ( RAC Full )
  • Blue card Course in General safety induction 30215, QLD
  • Blue Card Positive Notice for Child Related Employment

Let's do a quick comparison of the split and ducted air conditioning system

A ducted system can cool your entire home via its network of ducts. The ducts are hidden in the wall and only discreet wall panels are visible and if you pay extra, you can get reverse cycle air conditioning to heat and cool your home

A split system is designed for one room only. A single unit is therefore less expensive to buy and have installed, though this will depend on how many rooms they are installed in

In conclusion: 

If you want discreet air conditioning for your entire house and your budget allows, a ducted zone system is probably the best choice for you. If you only need air conditioning for one room or don't mind having a few compressors located outside the house, you might prefer a split system