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3 Tips to keep your washing machine working

Ever wondered why your washing machine seems to continue breaking down; not give you the freshest clean or simply isn't running smoothly?

A & P Refrigeration and Air Conditioning offers a few secret tips to not only give your washing machine a fresh start but will also prevent breaking down.


Deep cleaning. SYMPTOMS: Clothes not fully clean? Detecting an odor?


Running your washing machine through an empty cycle on hot wash with simply laundry detergent will be sufficient for most machines. However if you feel like you need to sanitise your machine, use a solution of 3/4 cup of bleach and 1 tablespoon of powdered laundry detergent. Run through a soak cycle of your machine, followed by a rinse cycle to remove the bleach.


Never overfill


Overfilling is possibly the most common way washing machines break down. Washing machines are designed to maximise each wash for the best clean; however when overfilled the weight of the drum is thrown off.


Keep the door open.


When your washing machine is not in use, leave the door open. This allows the moisture inside the drum to evaporate, as opposed to creating a build up (which can leave to mould or an excess of bacteria).

If your washing machine isn't working to optimum performance, call A & P Refrigeration to offer a solution.